Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mega Transformation!

Check this out! From water hyacinth frame to fully upholstered sofa! Foams were placed over the arm to "smoothen out" the irregularities and wala! a mega transformation!

BEFORE - Arms were prickly and not comfortable to lean on. Settee were too casual, more for outdoor patio use.
AFTER - Need I say more? Sleek and Stylish ;p All Jazzed Up!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Compliments that make my day ;p

Allow me to brag and share ;p
But I just want YOU to know that I really appreciate all your compliments and it's awesome that we've successfully Jazz Up your upholstery and given it a new lease of life.
It surely makes my day!
I want to say a special Thank You to Amy Watson, Kaye Mummery and Linda Black whose upholstery I've just reupholstered. Would love to go by to take some photos so that I can share it here. Especially yours, Linda, that's a big transformation.... from water hyacinth to fully upholstered! Kaye and Amy, a big Thank You for trusting us with your antique piece! Enjoy it for many years to come ;p