Thursday, February 6, 2014

Leather to Fabric

Over the years, I've seen many leather upholstery peelings and cracking within a short period of time. Some even as fast as 2 years from purchase. This could be due to the humidity of our Singapore's weather. 
Jazz it Up will be able to reupholster with leather. However, I often discourage, especially with the smaller items. Nothing against leather and I can still do it if that's what you really want.  It's just not very cost effective to do so.. Basically unlike fabric that can be purchased by the meterage, leather are sold by the hides. Literally, you buy the entire cow even though you only have a small chair. 
And with each hide, only about 60% and if you are lucky,  80% of the hide are usable. Wastage are high and unavoidable. 
Last but not least, I always find fabric, with its various textures, prints and colors more appealing. 
This armchair is a good example. 

Leather on seat are cracks and peels

Big blue stripes in heavy cotton speaks for itself. 

Is there a leather sofa or armchair that need new covers? Whatsapp photo to 97473298 or email for a ball park quote. Thank you!