Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Made to Order - Modular Sectional

Jazz up with assorted cushions
Here's a 4-piece modular sectional and ottoman that's been tailor-made to fit. Non sagged zigzag springs reinforce with heavy duty webbing belt and solid wood were used to construct the frames, giving both durability and comfort.

To further enhance the seating comfort, we used a blend of foam and feather for the seat cushions and a blend of feathers and fiber-fills for the backrest. This blend, unlike 100% feather, helps to hold the shape and yet maintain the luxurious feel only found in feather fillings. Here we used solid wood for the frame. Double reinforcement - 'S' springs, clipped onto the front stretcher to provide extra resiliency, and the webbing belt further enhanced durability.
Unlike most off-the-shelf furnishings, we used solid wooden boards even for the sides of the frame.
And before we cover it all up, we will invite our client to our factory to try out the seating. At this point, we still can adjust the firmness of the seat; that's the beauty of custom made furniture - tailored to your requirements!
The time between order and completion, depending on fabric availability, is about 3 to 5 weeks.