Sunday, April 7, 2013

Before & After Makeover

Dear Friends, here's another project for us to "Jazz it Up"

BEFORE - Too much brown on a big expanse, practical but not jazzy. 

AFTER - Taupe Microfiber for seat and main frame helps lightens up the room, yet children friendly and compliments the floor rug.  Teal and Orange multi stripes add colors and pull in the red recliner on the side.   
Notice the brown with teal floral print that was used as a throw from before? Well, waste no because we recycle it by sewing covers for throw cushions! 

Verdict -  Sofa has new lease of life and we have a happy owner now.

Need some jazzing up as well? Email photos of your upholstery to or whatsapp to 97473298 and I will get back to you with a ball park quote. Thank you!