Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Waterproof covers with corporate logo for Brotzeit

For the many times that I have patronised Brotzeit, I am now having the table turn around and that felt real good ;p

Monday, May 17, 2010

Another Before & After Project.. this time it's from leather to fabric.
My usual advice to clients, leather cost here are astronomical and it's always more cost effective to reupholster using fabric. Especially good strong chenille that will gives it body and look.

Owner had a problem with their other puppy, (not this one in the photo). The little culprit went into hiding when I took this photo. Anyway, what happened, according to the client, whenever it's ball rolled under the couch, it would struggle to retrieve it, and even though too fat to squeeze under, it would end up scratching the upholsteries at the base. So our solution to it was to replace the legs with an entire wooden frame, blocking anything from rolling underneathe.
*Check out the new look*

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Remember my earlier post, this is another example of an armchair that had undergone a complete "Jazz it Up" makeover. Cannot even recognise it right?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sofa & beanbag for Skype

I designed and constructed this sofa for Skype. Backrest of sofa follows the curves of their logo. As this sofa is intended for use at their roadshow and will be subjected to natural elements and heavy use, a water resistance canvas is used for its cover.
Bean bags are easier to transport around for road shows..n very very comfy for Skype's user :-p

Pipings can do wonders

Remember my earlier post, the one with the red pipings? Well that is a good example of using a sharp contrasting colors to "jazz it up" a otherwise "just there" chair. It's an art decor piece that draws attention. Though I must add that the owner's husband was a bit taken back at first ;-)
Here is more examples of what contrasting pipings can be used to liven up and bring characteristics to fabric.Contrasting piping gives the extra "wow" factor. Here pink is used to liven up the subtle lavender/gold weaves. Sofa is actually placed over a carpet with intricate designs and some mauve colors weaving into it.
I especially love the vibrancy of this fabric! Contrasting greens, blacks and white lines with black pipings give this otherwise discarded iron wrought bench a new lease of life again. Such colors combination is most suitable for small piece of furniture as it will really draws attention and at the same time not get too loud.
(this wrought iron bench was hunter green initially; my client repainted to black to match the fabric!)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Glider rocker

Quilted seat foam and backrest are replaced with new high density foam with removable covers with double pipings. Skirts to cover the glider.
Quilted seat foam and backrest are replaced with new high density foam with removable covers with double pipings. Skirts to cover the glider.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Burgundy red covers for a more sophisticated look and yet dark enough to be "kid friendly"
Pillow covers with contrasting colors liven up the suite, creating a "happier" play area for the 2 growing kids.

Remember this chair? Before - non descript. Now transformed to an art decor piece with character. Note how the red piping coordinates with the zebra's painting behind. Cover for toss pillow has 2 sides to it. Solid red when there's a need for attention and matching print with pipings when in a slightly more subtle mood ;-p

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Custom made Wing Chairs

Made to order Wingback chairs. Available in both Queen Anne or Ball & Claw legs.
Wide range of fabrics to choose from.
Happy Valentine & Gong Xi Fa Cai
It's been a while since I last update this blog. Not been goofing, well at least not totally ;p
With the pre holiday's rush (from Thanksgiving 09 to Chinese New Year 10), we've been so so swarmed. I am not complaining. That's definitely good news, especially in these days of bleak economy.
I have also noticed that during this busy season, I've not taken much photos to put up on the blog.
Here are a few before pictures that are yet to be transform. I promise that once I've "jazzed" it up, I will post the photos. White armchair that showcased some great works from a budding artist; though the daddy really thinks that a canvas will be a better place for that matter.
A hand me down that has more sentimental value than asthetic appeal. My assignment is to jazz it up, incorporating the the brown leather sofa beside and the art deco on the wall. How will it turn out? Well, look out for my further posting once it is done.