Saturday, November 22, 2014

From Floral to Pokka Dot

Old and worn, but don't throw it away! 

Completely revamp!

Do you have one of this at home? Need a fresh look? I have lots of interesting fabric for you to choose from.

Please whatsapp photos of sofa & chairs that need a new lease of life to 97473298 or email to and I will be able to give you a ball park quote. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Outdoor covers in Blue


It is not often that sofa, especially a big "L" shape is available in prints. What is available out there are the usual neutrals, the safe color. So even though this is a brand new sleeper from Ikea, my client still opt to JAZZ IT UP with bright floral prints. And the result, a stunning display of fresh floral blooms!

 BEFORE - Sleeper in neutral
 Fresh floral blooms against yellow wall

 BEFORE - Old wing chair and ottoman that definitely in need of attention 
AFTER - Need I say more? 
If you love this collections, call Jann and ask for the "Italian Garden" and I will definitely bring the garden into your living room! 

Please whatsapp photos of sofa & chairs that need a new lease of life to 97473298 or email to and I will be able to give you a ball park quote. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014



Tired n worn? Don't discard! 
Send it to Jazz it Up and your chair will come back to you good as new! 

Email photo of your old sofa and chairs to for a ball park quote. You can also whatsapp to 97473298 :p

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Need to say more? Picture tells a thousand words.. .. 
See how we can convert old teakwood chair and even table and gives it a new lease of life? 
Little side table is converted to a small vanity stool. But looks like it can double as footstool as well! 

Inherited an old teakwood piece from your parents? Call Jazz it Up at 97473298 to revamp it and gives it a new lease of life. Even better, whatsapp or email photos to jazzitupbyjann@gmail for a ball park quote.   Thank you!

Friday, April 11, 2014


JAZZ IT UP's moment of fame! 

With a stroke of luck and many years of hard work, I am finally being recognized. I feel very blessed and will like to say a Big Thank You for all your support and kind referrals. 
I will continue to keep up the good work and look forward to recovering more sofas! 

Have a sofa to restore, please whatsapp photos to 97473298 or email
I will be able to give you an estimate before bringing fabric samples to your house.
Thank you!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Leather to Fabric

Over the years, I've seen many leather upholstery peelings and cracking within a short period of time. Some even as fast as 2 years from purchase. This could be due to the humidity of our Singapore's weather. 
Jazz it Up will be able to reupholster with leather. However, I often discourage, especially with the smaller items. Nothing against leather and I can still do it if that's what you really want.  It's just not very cost effective to do so.. Basically unlike fabric that can be purchased by the meterage, leather are sold by the hides. Literally, you buy the entire cow even though you only have a small chair. 
And with each hide, only about 60% and if you are lucky,  80% of the hide are usable. Wastage are high and unavoidable. 
Last but not least, I always find fabric, with its various textures, prints and colors more appealing. 
This armchair is a good example. 

Leather on seat are cracks and peels

Big blue stripes in heavy cotton speaks for itself. 

Is there a leather sofa or armchair that need new covers? Whatsapp photo to 97473298 or email for a ball park quote. Thank you! 

Monday, January 13, 2014


 BEFORE and no comments... 

Two weeks later, after a visit from Jazz it Up......

Need some jazzing up? Whatsapp photos to 97473298 or email Jann at for a ball park quote.

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Sky blue with white pipings. Abstract floral in blue and tan.

 Instead of solid prints all the way, the prints on the armchairs add interest and help break the monotone that is especially ideal when you have a big suite.

Looking for different fabrics to "Jazz Up" your living room sets? Whatsapp photo to 97473298 or email for a no obligation quote. If quote is right, I will bring loads of samples to help put together a new look for you! 


and presenting AFTER, with bolsters and cushions in various dimension and prints... 

Cushions in red stripes complements the Chinese wedding chest and add some colors to the entire ensembles. Simply by moving the cushions around, you have a different look altogether.

Do you have a daybed that needs some uplifting as well? Call me at 97473298 or email me at for an appointment.