Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wing chair - Before / After

Here's another restoration's project. Apart from the worn upholstery, the reclining mechanism was also broken. Needed new hinges.

Piping in contrasting color gives it a more preppy look.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Before n After

Remember the work in progress that I mentioned in my previous blog. Recognise it? The one that had a "bent arm" This was before we operated on it. Of course when we detected that, we had it replaced. And since it was only a slat, we did it at no extra cost to the client.

This is the "AFter" results. Note the nice "bun" feet that is wrapped in the same fabric. It gives it a real Southwestern feel to it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Some of the Work in progress

Hello my dear friends,
It's been a while since I last update this blog.
In spite of the gloomy economical downturn, I've been very blessed with jobs that kept me going for the past quarter. A BIG THANK YOU to all your continuous supports and referrals for the past 8 years. Thank you for your trust in Jazz it Up. Please keep it coming :)
Its my pleasure to share with you some of our work in progress.
Bonetta Ramsey's sleeper was brought to us for reupholstering. Upon dismantling we found that the supporting strip of wood underneath had been bent over use. In case like this, we replace it without additional charge.
This is another sofa for Anne Purcell. After we had reupholstered and return to her, she found that the backrest is not as firm as before. This came as a surprise as it is not our policy to remove any upholstered materials within the sofa. Not unless it is damaged and needs replacement. In which case, we will notify the client and if major, the additional cost incur.
After some probings and "investigations" from my skilled upholsterer, we concluded that the new fabric (a more lightweight cotton and polyester blend) compared to the thick tapestry that was previously on it was the main reason for the different feel.
To rectify the situation, we took the sofa back and "operate" on it once again. We inserted a piece of 2" foam and tightened the springs that had loosen over the years. Problem rectify with no additional cost to Anne. Here's Lynn Hesketh from AngloInfo trying out her custom made sofa with hubby. She is one of my most valuable client from day 1. Over the years, she has entrusted several projects like reupholstering, new sofa, covers and beddings for her. Not to mention the numerous referrals coming from her. Thank you Lynn!
This time around is a set of sofa and loveseat. As in all custom made upholsteries, I always encourage my client to come by the workshop once the frame work is done and before we cover it up. At this stage, you can be ensured of the exact comfort level to suit your individual taste before we "seal" it up in your choice of fabric.

Some of my tresured notes that I got from you all